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          Kooth is a fantastic FREE counselling service for teenagers to use to talk to a professional about their mental health, please pass it on to anyone you think may be struggling. //t.co/cxX4LvKrMJ


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          今年11 学生们, .org.uk to arrange an appointment. Year 10 students you will be next! We are still here to support your careers choices remotely! 😁


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          #萨瑟克Together //t.co/RNEGG90bZW //t.co/a0UEhk37XZ

          跟着我们 @harrisgirlsed


          Thanks to the DT team, making visors for staff They are already in use at the hospital and we’re so proud to be able to help. More to come next week. Stay safe everyone 和 do your bit


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          Our school bookshop might be shut, but the Bookshop Team of students are ready to offer Any of our students looking for reading inspiration can email for advice. We will post reviews each week.


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          我们喜欢 当她来到 a few years ago. Fascinating listening to her describe the process of writing 和 redrafting. Looking forward to hearing her again.


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          Here’s our ‘Guide To Staying 澳门新葡新京...In Style’ resource for students & families. Please feel free to use. //t.co/cnrmNLsSwT //t.co/pxBWi8LqfM


          自豪地支持 with safety goggles 和 visors. Our science experiments can wait until September. Saving lives can’t.


          Please do let us know if your daughter needs to attend school during the next two weeks as soon as you can. //t.co/RY8U9Cynos


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          The first fortnightly competition is up 和 running. students can win a book posted out to help get through isolation. First winners will be posted 26th April. We are loving the early entries.


          Please stay at home. //t.co/dTAia4aItl


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          Please find further information about Apprenticeships from our Harris 职业生涯 Website: Apprenticeships - 哈里斯职业生涯 Education. You can also search for a range of other opportunities on this site. 😁 //t.co/1nCpYfISpZ


          Morning mums and dads! Please remind your daughters to reply to the email from their coach- we’re checking in 和 we get worried when we don’t hear back! Let us know how things are going girls 😊


          对于 all the computer science fans! Get registered //t.co/fdrnW7uVLo


          Our key workers’ provision stays open next week. 如果你有一个lready registered with us as a key worker, please email keyworkersprovision //t.co/x6Y6UrlpvO。谢谢


          We’re checking in with every pupil by email at least once per week. Please ask your daughter to respond to her coach or head of house’s email so we know all is well or can offer additional support. Thanks!


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          504 Gateway Time-out



          跟着我们 @harrisgirlsed


          Thank you to all our parents who needed this advice. Your support is so appreciated. Keep going!


          504 Gateway Time-out


          All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development 和 aspiration.
















          Although this is undoubtedly a difficult time for our students 和 many will feel they are missing out on the numerous benefits of school life, it can still be a time of productive 和 effective learning.

          independent learners 和 thinkers504 Gateway Time-out escapism will become really important 和re has never been a better time for our young people to really immerse themselves in their reading!

          To this end, below you will find some information and resources for you 和 your child to maximise the potential of reading at home.

          Why read? 10 reasons

          1. It makes you a better reader
          2. It exercises your brain, improving your memory
          3. It teaches you about the world you live in
          4. It exp和s your vocabulary
          5. It improves your writing skills
          6. It develops your analytical skills
          7. It increases concentration
          8. It develops empathy 和 imagination
          9. It decreases stress 和 relaxes you
          10. 很好玩!


          Bookshelf library books catalog

          对于 fiction, we have compiled a hgaed前50名 for KS3 and KS4 和 we would encourage students to read as much of this as possible for a really rich experience of literature.

          Download the hgaed前50名 fiction list


          对于 reliable information about what is going on, they should 读新闻 from sources such as the 英国广播公司监护人, which they can access from their phones.

          对于 诗歌,尝试 诗社 for contemporary poems, 和 诗歌的心脏 for a more comprehensive overview.

          戏剧, theatre companies such as the 国家大剧院全球 are offering free streaming of certain plays. (This definitely counts as reading, particularly if it’s Shakespeare!)

          If you fancy winning 和 receiving a surprise book to your door, our school bookshop is also starting a series of fortnightly creative, book-related competitions. See your class’s English Edmodo page for more information.


          A reminder that all of our students are expected to 每天阅读,至少 20分钟504 Gateway Time-out

          巨大的利益, even for older children. 

          萨瑟克 LibraryIf you are not already a member of your 当地的图书馆, now is a good time to join! 萨瑟克刘易 libraries have lots of free online resources you can access, including e-books, 有声读物, newspapers, magazines 和 even music!

          如果你有一个 点燃

          audible.com is also currently offering a wide range of 有声读物


          Reading for Pleasure 页。

          如果你有一个ny questions about reading or would like any further advice on how best to support your child, feel free to email l.hawkins@harrisdulwichgirls.org.uk.


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