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          Calling all alumnae please complete the following survey: //t.co/d0bWxoIamP


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          As a species, we seem to be having a negative impact on wildlife, the oceans and the atmosphere. For we challenge you to take on one of our biggest //t.co/GOQ8Yr9xQs 🌍 //t.co/2U4iOonBSj



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          Schools will only re-open when the scientific advice indicates it is the right time to do so.


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          next week? 🔶Watch on BBC iPlayer and Red Button from 9am Monday 🔶 20-minute lessons covering ages 5 to 14 🔶 Brought to you by experts & teachers 🔶 Over 150 new lessons published every week online 🔶 Exclusive Year 10 content on our Insta //t.co/Gq5yYJYZq2


          A great support from the BBC to all parents and pupils learning at home. //t.co/eBzq9pyY2E


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          Have you downloaded an eBook or eAudiobook that made you laugh, cry, get angry or change your mind about something? If you're aged 12 to 19 enter our competition and tell us about it //t.co/2vLHAmrDyx //t.co/YNcFuETK9s


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          The Picture This Drawing Club is online. ✏️ Head over to our event page for this week's drawing activity: 'Who's On the Stage?' 👉 //t.co/5MQteuwrVf Why nor share your creations with us here? //t.co/5WJkVONthn


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          Looking for something to make being stuck at home with your family more bearable? (We're not just talking to teenagers here) Bestselling YA eBooks & audiobooks available through Southwark Libraries with 👉 //t.co/2jDj3qW2wu Join us now 👉 //t.co/1zqLzCeJkJ //t.co/pVs0I2nHqR


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          Year 11 students, If you would like telephone independent careers advice please email Mrs Campbell or careers.org.uk to arrange an appointment. Year 10 students you will be next! We are still here to support your careers choices remotely! 😁


          504 Gateway Time-out

          504 Gateway Time-out //t.co/RNEGG90bZW //t.co/a0UEhk37XZ


          Thanks to the DT team, making visors for staff They are already in use at the hospital and we’re so proud to be able to help. More to come next week. Stay safe everyone and do your bit


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          Our school bookshop might be shut, but the Bookshop Team of students are ready to offer Any of our students looking for reading inspiration can email for advice. We will post reviews each week.


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          We loved when she came to a few years ago. Fascinating listening to her describe the process of writing and redrafting. Looking forward to hearing her again.


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          Here’s our ‘Guide To Staying Home...In Style’ resource for students & families. Please feel free to use. //t.co/cnrmNLsSwT //t.co/pxBWi8LqfM


          Proud to support with safety goggles and visors. Our science experiments can wait until September. Saving lives can’t.


          Please do let us know if your daughter needs to attend school during the next two weeks as soon as you can. //t.co/RY8U9Cynos


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          The first fortnightly competition is up and running.

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          Harris Academies

          504 Gateway Time-out

        • Harris Academy Riverside
        • Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred
        • Wandsworth


        • Harris Westminster Sixth Form
        • Term Dates 2019-2020

          Autumn Term 2019

          Start of term:

          • Wednesday 4th September 2019, Year 7 & 12 only
          • Thursday 5th September 2019, all students return

          INSET Day: Friday 11th October 2019 (school closed)

          Half Term: Monday 21st October – Friday 1st November

          End of term: Friday 20th December

          Spring Term 2020

          Start of term: Monday 6th January (all students return)

          INSET Day: Friday 14th February 2020 (school closed)

          Half Term: Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February

          End of term: Friday 3 April

          Summer Term 2020

          Start of term: Monday 20th April

          Bank holiday (school closed): Friday 8th May

          Half Term: Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May

          INSET Day/Year 7 Induction: Wednesday 1 July (school closed)

          End of term: Friday 17th July

          Staff INSET days

          Monday 2nd September 2019 (Academy INSET day)

          Tuesday 3rd September 2019 (Academy INSET day)

          Friday 11th October 2019 (Federation INSET day)

          Friday 14th February 2020 (Federation INSET day)

          Wednesday 1st July 2020 (Year 7 Induction Day Academy closed for all students/INSET)

          Year 6 Testing Day

          Year 6 Testing Day - Friday 13th December

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