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          Year 7 girls 和 their parents have asked to see pics 从我们的 residential week in Loch Eil, , in Feb. We hope that you like looking back on the brilliant achievements 和 experiences! 。图片的加载在 //t.co/w0jR3paQdV //t.co/9Jnk38n6vA





          A wonderful opportunity for our Year 11, 12 和 13 girls. Apply for a Words for Work internship. You have until 20th July to apply! //t.co/MPqIN7hsEa


          Looking for summer activities? Find out more about this 'Summer of Food and Fun' programme for children 和 families in . //t.co/eP6j251HmX //t.co/tZqQBM0voN


          萨瑟克 Libraries have some great events, videos 和 fun activities for young people as part of their 。非常感谢我们的 for everything they are doing for young people in . //t.co/54j1OkjYPX


          Is your daughter starting at Harris Dulwich Girls this September? Maya from Year 7 explains what it's like learning at HGAED. Read Maya's thoughts at //t.co/vDzJwVDCty //t.co/6dFyHcIJly


          We are inviting every pupil and parent in Yrs 7-10 &12 into school during the last week of term to review learning and prepare for next term. We'll send you individual appointments shortly. Pls come with your child 和 contact us to rearrange if you can't make the time 所有ocated.


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          .org.uk //t.co/K2uR66Rod8


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          万岁,学生和 try to bring some of the passion and enthusiasm for books, publishing 和 diversity into our little outpost 所有 are such an inspiration


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          在准备 //t.co/2vlCWan33E


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          跟着我们 @harrisgirlsed


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          students are re所有y grateful for the outreach opportunities. Only this week a year 12 student emailed how she is following advice as she prepares to start her personal statement. Thanks


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          Looking forward to Monday when 将现场与 students. A fantastic opportunity to consider and Claudia Hammond's book 'The Art of Rest'. Students 和 parents can email questions to Tales.org.uk


          Parents of students in Years 10 和 12 have already been sent letters about the phased reopening, but you can see general information at //t.co/PeaVrUO9gf //t.co/sglNdYpjXv

          跟着我们 @harrisgirlsed


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          Please share. 14-25 years? Join us tomorrow @ 4pm for our 事件。请章。 //t.co/epmPAyOzCM - 客人面板! “Small steps such as this contribute to a wider change in society 和 a better society that is equal for 所有”. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏻✊🏽❤️ //t.co/IfVAj0AZ8q


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          //t.co/6HUqaIeE6b A useful guide to making a video for the current competition


          We're re所有y looking forward to seeing Year 10 和 Year 12 next week. Please walk or cycle to school if you can. //t.co/Ri27Y0ifTp


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          scholarships. 10 available each year for undergraduate studies for students from under-represented backgrounds. //t.co/h4QTwVtm8A


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          谢谢 for another delivery of books ready to send out to 评论家和 students as prizes. We will be sending them out this week.


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          WE STAND IN SOLIDARITY! ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏾 Please RT / share with young people. Aged 14+? Please join us Friday 05/06 for - interactive discussion on issues that affect young people - - Please email /DM to book 和 we will send you details. 谢谢 ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏾 //t.co/bctjfp1ysf

















          职业生涯 Education, Information, Advice 和 Guidance (CEIAG) is embedded within our PSHE教育,个人 学科课程 和 also within the culture of education within the academy. We recognise the important contribution CEIAG makes to supporting the successful transition from education to employment.  

          CEIAG involves internal and external events, experiences 和 visits. You can download our 职业生涯政策request for access document 从我们的 教学 page. You can also read more about careers events for students in 最新消息.


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          Alternatively, Mrs Campbell can be contacted by email on E.Beckles@harrisdulwichgirls.org.uk or by c所有ing 0207 732 2276 ext: 7911. You can also contact the academy directly by emailing info@harrisdulwichgirls.org.uk.

          我们也从受益 职业顾问

          小姐gnade gahoua meets for one-to-one scheduled meetings each week with years 11-13 students on a rota and the younger years during the spring 和 summer terms. Her contact details are: Gnade.Gahoua@harrisfederation.org.uk.


          C – 职业生涯, E - Education

          学生有 职业教育 from Year 7 delivered in their PSHE lessons during coaching time (30 minutes, twice a week) in addition to 下拉天, 工作访问 敬业 组件 throughout the academic year. Each student is provided with a unifrog帐户 to track their careers’ education and find opportunities, resources 和 advice.

          Year 10 和 Year 12 students take part in a week long quality 工作经验 placement to gain key skills 和 support their future pathways choices.

          后期16名学生 have their own bespoke provision, coordinated by 新澳门葡萄京福利视频网站 team 和 delivered by their coaches. Activities involve 工作经验, talks, course application support, UCAS support, CV writing and many other events. The academy works with local universities 和 business partners to ensure wide-ranging provision.

          我 - 信息

          学生有 access to a wide selection of free online resources via their unifrog帐户s and during PSHE 和 组件/ topics.

          一个 - 咨询

          To contact Mrs Campbell (Assistant Principal: 职业生涯 和 PSHE Lead) with a question or to arrange a meeting email E.Beckles@harrisdulwichgirls.org.uk or c所有 0207 732 2276 Ext: 7911.

          摹 - 指导

          Individual careers guidance interviews are available 从我们的 dedicated 职业顾问 from the 哈里斯联合会 central team Gnade Gahoua, email Gnade.Gahoua@harrisfederation.org.uk

          What are the Gatsby Benchmarks

          The Gatsby benchmarks are at the heart of CEIAG provision at Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich.

          They are eight benchmarks covering different areas of quality career curriculum. The following descriptions are taken from www.gatsby.org.uk.Gatsby


          Across the academy's curriculum we have designated subject teachers who are the Career Champions for their departments.

          They meet regularly with the careers lead and discuss opportunities, resources 和 preparation for careers in their subject areas. Our 职业生涯冠军 are:

          哈里斯职业生涯 Education

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